Policeman arrested for rape


A 30-YEAR-OLD National Police officer remanded for raping a prostitute, is under investigation for other crimes that he is thought to have committed under assumed identities. Police searching his Parla (Madrid) home found three identity cards which Victor M obtained while working at Usera police station.

One was handed in after being found in the street and two others were brought in for renewal. All were dealt with by Victor M who later refused to explain why they were in his possession.


Falsification was added to the existing charges of rape, abuse and unlawful imprisonment but insiders said there were solid grounds for believing these were not Victor M’s only crimes.

The rape occurred in mid-February when, driving his own car, Victor M stopped a woman from Sierra Leone and asked to see her papers.  Supposedly taking her into custody for soliciting, Victor M asked two nearby members of the Local Police for restraints, as he did not have his own.

Once in the vehicle, he drove the woman to some waste ground, where he tied her up, beat her and subjected her to serious sexual assault, before driving off and leaving her naked and still bound up.

The woman was later found by a taxi-driver and when Victor M was arrested next day his colleagues were not entirely surprised.

Unlikable and brusque, he had immediately made himself unpopular during the month he had been with the Madrid Judiciary Police’s Drugs unit by punching another officer on his first day.

His chief had to tell him to remove a racist-themed poster and people who knew him believed he deliberately chose to humiliate an African prostitute.

When previously posted to Irun (Basque Region) Victor M claimed that his official firearm had been stolen, although a subsequent investigation failed to clarify the issue.

He emerged similarly unscathed from another internal investigation after a trafficker accused him of appropriating drugs for his own consumption.

But the three illicit ID cards as well CCTV footage linking to him to the rape could mean that Victor M’s luck has come to an end.



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