Green shoots of recovery


THERE must be loads of speed freaks living around those Arboleas hotbeds of street racing such as Los Carrascos, Los Torres and Los Colorados. It’s a wonder anyone can sleep at night with the din of all the Brits revving up their souped-up racing machines and driving them recklessly up and down Arroyo Aceituno Valley.

A few years ago Arboleas Council tried to stop us having fun by building huge sleeping policemen in the road, so high were these that crampons and climbing boots were needed to get the car over them.


The boy racers were so incensed that some were dug up with pick axes but the council just returned and rebuilt them.

Now the council has had another brilliant idea and are painting pelican crossings up and down the sleepy backwater as it gently winds up the valley finishing at the beautiful Lubrin to Albanchez road.

What a waste of tax payers’ money as they could just fill in the pot holes for a start.

Last month it was reported in the press that Spain was coming out of recession as it had experienced two consecutive quarters of economic growth.

I drive many clicks in my job visiting towns and villages across Almeria and its visible everywhere that business sentiment is growing.

Albox for instance has four newly opened swanky bars. Previously mothballed housing projects are starting up again, for instance above the new Albox bridge on the way to Mercadona and also opposite Bar International.

And, on the coast road from Mojacar near Garrucha another big scheme has started.

Lidl opened its new store in Albox late last year and Iceland is soon to open in Vera. Forget what politicians say just watch as business confidence grows in our region at least.

Last week this newspaper headlined with the news that tourism in Almeria will benefit this summer as holidays are cancelled in hotspots of civil unrest such as Tunisia and Egypt. All this activity means new jobs.

I hope this is the case as Mojacar really needs an injection of tourist money to help the brave bar, restaurant and shop owners that have suffered and weathered the last couple of years with the smoking ban also now affecting turnover.

Some bars have improvised with new seating areas appearing on street sides, I chuckled the other day when I read the letter Mr or Mrs Angry formerly of Tunbridge Wells wrote to the Euro Weekly News complaining about non smokers monopolising outside tables. I bet its towels on sun beds next!

A recent Prudential survey had Spain as the popular retirement destination for retiring Britons with 22 per cent wanting to relocate here.

In second place was Australia with 9.8 per cent (if they can get in!?!) and third was France with 7.6 per cent.

Spain significantly was rated as the third cheapest place to live when compared against 10 other countries such as Cyprus (most expensive), Australia (2nd) and France (4th).

Only South Africa and New Zealand were cheaper.

The survey also found that nearly 15 million people plan to retire abroad so that’s three million that may move to Spain over the next few years.

Of course, as existing residents get older they may return to the UK but that’s still a lot of people planning to rent or buy a home in Sunny Spain.

All this is good for us and the Spanish economy, for people wanting to sell their homes this means that there will be a continuing stream of people moving here. With a slow down on new builds, prices on the resale market are incredibly good value now and in my opinion should soon start to rise again.

This year has seen a huge surge in clients looking to buy as they seek bargains and talking to other agents Findmeahome is not alone is seeing sales increase in the first few months of the year.



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