England, Sir? Sorry, it left awhile ago


NOTED British journalist, Max Hastings asks why 400,000 Britons recently left their homeland in a single year. Emigration to Australia doubled whilst the rest scattered themselves about the English-speaking world and Mediterranean Europe. It is not true to say they left their country for it was their country that left them first. Few countries have endured change so radically in a single generation.

Mass emigration has traditionally been driven by ethnic cleansing, deprivation and terror. This British exodus, with abortion on demand, is ethnic cleansing hand in hand with the purging of the country’s culture and psyche.


Through centuries of shared hardships the English loved their way of life, its traditions and history. Better an ordinary Englishman than a foreign king.

As a result of social engineering an exodus similar to the Scottish and Irish clearances is taking place. Those remaining have become second class citizens. It is a land where all are equal but the original peoples are less equal than others.

The shells of English communities, once hearth and home to the war dead and previous generations of English families, are filled by government-bribed immigrants. This took place during a period when English orphans and the jobless were pressured to go abroad; many by assisted passage.

Posterity will mark 1950 – 2010 as one of history’s most disastrous social engineering failures. This mass movement has its equal only in the population expulsions that followed World War Two.

Those opposed to England’s end have been terrified into silence by government-sponsored political correctness. Under the pretext of ‘racism’ critics are threatened with social stigma; expulsion from school, eviction, even gaol for resisting change.

It has never been explained how love of one’s country, its traditions and people can be described as hate. Like so much else words lost their original meaning. Love is hate: Orwell saw it coming.

England has become a ghost land in which the phantoms of its past shake their heads in disbelief. I attended a talk being given in a parochial village hall. Hidden away in a rural location it was like stepping back in time.

Gathered were lady members of the Women’s Institute, brought up on Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books. It was a museum piece in which time had stood still. In a sad sort of way their community reminded me of a reservation set aside for the Plains Indians.

In 1926, the year in which England’s queen was born, there were just four mosques in Britain; today the figure is over 2,000. According to The Times, Muhammad is now the second most popular name for boys in England.

In several cities original Britons are now the ethnic minority. The Home Office concerns itself with home security yet 38 per cent of this government department’s staff is from ethnic minorities.

If that percentage of non-indigenous people were employed in such a department in any other country it would be condemned as racism and colonisation.

By Mike Walsh



Greg Dyke, when Director-General of the BBC, described the corporation as ‘disgustingly white.’ Not now it isn’t. The Tories wanted Dyke to stand as London mayor against Ken Livingstone.


A cause of great resentment to returning travellers is seeing their right of entry closely scrutinised by officials who clearly are not native to the British Isles.


According to the Daily Express newspaper only 4% of Britons think immigration is not a problem. Do the 50,000 functionaries employed in the race relations industry listen to the other 96%? Of course not. England, Sir? I am sorry: It left sometime ago


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