Once in a Lifetime by Cathy Kelly


INGRID FITZGERALD is flying high.

She is a fifty-something popular TV journalist, married with two grown up children Mollie and Ewan. 

But the sudden death of her department store owner husband shatters her complacency.  Peripheral characters are also going through their own dark periods. 


Natalie, Mollie’s best friend has grown up knowing nothing of her dead mother, and finally she begins to ask questions. 

Charlotte has lived all her life in the shadow of her exuberant, 70’s feminist mother and questions her own abilities constantly. 

All their lives are interlinked, as they are with Star Bluestone, a sort of fairy godmother who flies in and sets all to rights.

Cathy Kelly books are a frothy confection of life affirming stories for women.  Forget deep philosophical questions and page turning thriller story lines, Kelly’s books are about relationships and happy endings. 

The characters are crisply described and their stories intriguingly interwoven. 

Set in semi-rural Ireland, Kelly describes a very civilised society that perhaps never existed, but which we like to imagine was somewhere in the recent past. This book will not overtax the brain and is the perfect book for the lazy days.



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