Mr Mojacar – Robert K Jones


Robert K Jones Is my friend and has been so for more years than either of us can remember. Bob is quieter now, slowed down the frenzied living; left the jungle trees for the quiet urban life of doing spectacular nature photography for Spanish television networks and hence promotes Mojacar.

In fact, he is the most publicized photographer in all of southern Spain having had more than 15 of his excellent sun rise studies on RTVe during the last six months.

Bob is Mr Mojacar. He started with a bar in the village back in ‘72, La Escalera, that was so crowded you had to know someone to get you in. Everyone love it as everyone loved Bob. The perfect bar man always with a smile, pleasant and could keep a secret or a barrel of them and never intervened in disputes.


He met his effervescent wife Paca in 1981 and a few years later had baby Sarah who is now at age 22 one of Spain’s  great beauties.

Bob is a person one likes being around.

Healthwise he’s suffered some difficult set backs yet he remains always positive and enjoyable company.

If you don’t know Bob you’re missing out. Bob can tell you stories of those ancient days.

 By Ric Polansky


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