Guilty before proven innocent


Sometimes I truly am ashamed to be a part, however small, of this gobbling, voracious all encompassing monster known as ‘The Media’. In its relentless, never ending hunger for headline-grabbing copy, it often boasts just about all the common decency and scruples of Jack the Ripper.

Guided by careless hands it can destroy reputations, be responsible for suicides, nervous breakdowns and even murder. It makes mountains out of molehills or vice versa, distorts and frequently lies blatantly for a greater effect.

How my heart went out to that poor schoolteacher Chris Jeffries who for while was under suspicion for the murder of tragic Joanna Yeats.


By the time he was discovered to be totally innocent, this unassuming, 65 year old dedicated teacher, had been hung, drawn and wrung out to dry by a hysterical press witch hunt, which published everything from his life history to his pupil’s opinions of his hairstyle. His life will never be the same again. Why he hasn’t sued for a fortune is quite beyond me.

Just this week they were at it again. ‘Sex Attack Suspect on Ant & Dec’ screamed one tabloids front page. There, along with photo of the man, was the tale of an ‘alleged’ sex attack being investigated by Yorkshire Police. This man was a suspect, but strenuously denied the offence and had not even been charged.

What sort of reception were he and his family looking forward to when they appeared before a live audience on the show in question? What ever happened to innocent before proven guilty? I’m all for freedom of the press,  but destroying reputations simply to put more money in the coffers of moguls, who’s bank balances are already bursting at the seams -yes I do mean you Mr Murdock, is where I most definitely draw the line.  Used in a responsible manner the media is a wonderful institution.

The recent rebellions in the North Africa and unrest in the Middle East would not have been any where near as effective had it not been for the media. Stories can lift hearts, dispel fears, influence governments and raise millions for good causes. This gutter reporting does its reputation no good at all and those who create it should take a long hard look at themselves, before their irresponsible actions destroy the credibility of all the branches of this wonderful machine. Respect is hard to come by and to see it thrown away by these low brow idiots does my digestive track no good whatsoever. Get a grip.                                                                                                                                                                  Did you not find Mr Clegg’s admission that he ‘forgot’ he was supposed to be running the country in David Cameron’s absence, almost beyond belief? Was this not the precise type of admission and attitude that, until this amazing stroke of good fortune, had kept the Liberal party in that odd little corner of the commons for so many years? Let’s hope the next election places these oft unfathomable ‘greens’ neatly back there so Dave’s lot can really get down to the job in hand.                                                Keep the faith.                                                                                                                                                   Love Leapy.


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