Beginners winning tournament strategy


WE all love to play hands and be involved in ‘The Game Of Poker’ as much as possible. It’s exciting and the anticipation of hitting a monster flop makes us play more hands than we should. After all, it is boring sitting there, folding hand after hand and watching the chips making their way over to a player who has just shown a raggedy 6-3 off suit and taken down a monster pot.

This win was after hitting a miracle straight and busting out a pair of Aces. Of course this can happen, but not that often.

It is true that the more hands you play the more chances you have given yourself of hitting the flops and make winning hands.


But, and it is a BIG but, this game of Texas Hold-em is in fact a game of missing rather than hitting.

Therefore every time you put your money in to see a flop, more often than not you won’t win.

So in the early stages when the blinds are low, just try and play decent hands in position, pocket pairs and big Aces, like A-K or A-Q.

And sometimes if there has not been a raise, some suited connectors like 6-7 of hearts or 8-9 of diamonds, as opposed to calling with K-9 or A-7 and hoping to hit, especially if there are a few players already in the pot.

In position I mean when you are one of the last players to act and will have the benefit of seeing what the other players are going to do before you.

Study what the other players do, remember what cards they turnover at showdown, do they bet when they hit and check when they miss etc.

So “Play Tight”.




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