71% Spanish satisfied with professional achievements


ALMOST three in four (71 per cent) workers in Spain are satisfied with their professional achievements, a new study shows.

The highest levels of satisfaction is amongst company executives and civil servants.

This was revealed in a survey carried out by Edenred and the IESE Business School which shows more than half (61 per cent) of employees in Spain say they are satisfied with their jobs.


Madrid workers are those who are least satisfied with their jobs, with 56 per cent, while Valencia, the level of satisfaction is the highest, at 66 per cent.

Sixty-four per cent of workers have no plans to leave their jobs, with civil servants topping the list with 79 per cent planning on staying put.

The majority (65 per cent) of workers would recommend their company to family and friends.

Employees give their bosses an average rating of 5.5 out of 10, and in Spain, 74 per cent of bosses are men.

By Business Editor

Brendan Small

Most Spanish employees consider their bosses empathic, but think they should be more efficient, especially when it comes to organizing team work.

Only half (55 per cent) trust decisions taken by their managing directors.

Sixty-two per cent of employees are optimistic about the future of their company, although only 58 per cent are confident that they will remain in the company.

While salary is the primary concern of workers aged 18 to 29, those between 30 and 55 worry more about job security.


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