Sacrificial lambs come to mind


WHOEVER places those female reporters among hoards of near rioting males in the recent Middle Eastern demonstrations should be sacked. Of course they are being groped and sexually interfered with. Many followers of Islam regard any unveiled female as loose. For the media manipulators to be so unaware of the volatile, hot blooded and often sex starved nature of many of these mid east citizens is to me extremely suspect.

Throwing females into these highly dangerous situations is actually almost beyond belief. (Sacrificial lambs come to mind). Incredibly, as I write, my TV is depicting yet another young female newsperson trying to shout her report above the clamour of a seething mass of dangerously unpredictable wild eyed men.


Don’t you find it odd that all these; hitherto unknown young girls have been put into the ‘firing line’, so to speak? I’ve little doubt that, as far as the women themselves are concerned, a great deal of it is down to the ridiculous and now thoroughly boring equality issue.  (Although I have actually been groped myself in the hustle and bustle of the odd Mid East souk!) Well, as far as I’m concerned,  these modern day ‘Emily’s’ can rant on about equality for all they like, but there are certain jobs and situations which are just not suited to the female of the species  and ‘exciting’ as it may seem, pitching vulnerable  attractive young women into packs of baying, virtually out of control, hysterical males is most definitely one of them.                                                                                                                          

One issue this week, that went extremely quiet after it s first media airing (surprise, surprise) was the British ‘Islamic school’ (what exactly is that?) in the UK, that was revealed to be treating its pupils to daily doses of abuse. This undercover operation produced photographic and film evidence that the virtually 100% Muslim attendees were beaten and subjected to treatment that has been totally unacceptable in the British educational system for years.

This establishment, which also teaches its pupils to despise all non Muslims, should be closed down immediately. The teachers filmed striking the children should be prosecuted and the pupils farmed out to more integrated educational establishments in the area. If Britain allows this type of hate centre to flourish, then they will have only themselves to blame when whole generations of brain washed, potential terrorists, are graduating from them all over the country.

We really have to stop pussyfooting with these people. Come on Dave, time to show a little more bottle and start practising what you preach. If you don’t and the consequences are blood and mayhem on the streets, rest assured the blame will lay firmly at the feet of you and you party. Oh and by the way, with the pending directive that the gay community be allowed to marry in religious establishments, although I personally have no objections, it did make me wonder  just how many mosques were to be included in this new piece of legislation!?

Keep the faith. 

Love Leapy.



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