Top Ten Wines 2010


THE ‘Top Ten” wines of 2010 were recently announced by Spanish daily ABC. No mention is made of who exactly chose these wines, but perhaps the judges were Riojanos, as five of the chosen ten were DOC Riojas. The remaining accolades were spread between DOC Ribera del Duero, Vino de la Tierra Castilla Leon, DOs Toro and Montsant and DOC Priorat.

Apart from the unsurprising dominance of Rioja the other consistent characteristic of the wines was the inflated price.


The cheapest – and bear in mind this is retail and nor restaurant price – came in at €45 in the shape of Reventon 2008 (“feel the power of the Grenache”), Castilla Leon, whereas you can really push the boat out and glug on a Counter (“not at its best yet”….for €230!) 2008 Rioja. The rest were mostly in the €100 plus mark.

At whom was this unaccredited wine selection targeted? Does anyone really care? In times of economic crisis what sensible wine critic targets the niche snob wine market where the most expensive recommendation is roughly a third of the weekly average earnings of a working Spaniard (EU figures)?

He has his head in the clouds, where the damp atmosphere and nearness to the sun no doubt provides the perfect growing conditions for expensive wines.

Surely the wine growing regions beyond the usual suspects DOCs will soon nudge their way into the top 10.

We have some great wines here on the Costa Blanca and its hinterland. If we put the price up maybe we will stand a better chance?

By Paul Deed



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