1m jobless have not completed secondary education


MORE than one million unemployed people in Spain have not completed secondary education, according to the Ministry of Employment. The government claims to be putting plans in place to find jobs for the unemployed, and one of the main aims is to give them better training and education, which is one of the things lacking amongst the unemployed.

In Spain, there are almost 300,000 people of working age who cannot read or write, only 100,000 of them have been in employment, and only 57,000 are currently employed.


Meanwhile, there are 955,000 people of working age who have only completed primary education.

Since 2008, the government has employed 1,500 advisers to help people who are on the dole to received personal attention for their job search, and are planning to employ a further 1,500. Each person receives training depending on their capacity, qualifications, experience and expectations. Taking this will be obligatory to receive €400 unemployment benefits.



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