Man convicted for rape of 71 year-old woman


Michael Ramnel Williams, 55, of North West London was today, 18 February, found guilty at Harrow Crown court of rape and sexual activity with a person with a mental disorder; impeding choice. He was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment and placed on the sexual offenders register for life.

A/DI Mel Fenn, Metropolitan Police Service, Sapphire unit said: “DC Stuart Coutin and SOIT Nicky Weekes of the Kilburn Sapphire unit did an incredible job in ensuring the evidence was available to support a successful prosecution.


“When they took on the investigation they were faced with a victim who had no memory of anything happening and was very confused. The witness who found the victim was only a young teenager and did not wish to get involved, needing the authority of the victim’s power of attorney to carry out an examination and no venue.

“At every stage their tenacity and willingness to work hard ensured that all these hurdles were overcome and Williams held to account for his crime.”

The victim, who was 71-years-old at the time of the incident, lived in a care home in NW10 and had been reported missing at 09.00 on the 11 August. The victim suffered from severe senile dementia and was on medication. At 21.30 police were contacted by a member of the public, stating that there was a female in Willesden High Road who was in a state of undress and saying that a man had come into her room and ripped her clothes.

When officers attended, the victim, who was being treated by the London Ambulance Service, was very confused, but some items of her clothing were missing and there was some bruising on her body.

The victim was taken to hospital and then later taken to a Haven. Further tests confirmed that she had been the victim of rape.

Officers scoured the area for the victim’s missing clothes and slippers to identify a possible venue for the attack.

DNA recovered from the victim identified Williams as a possible suspect. At 07.35 on 14 September, officers arrested Williams at his home and he was taken to Kilburn Police Station where he was interviewed. Williams admitted meeting the victim and taking her to a small storage room in between the blocks in Angel Court, Willesden High Road. When officers attended the venue they discovered the victims missing items of clothing and her slippers.

Williams was subsequently charged as above and remanded in custody to await trial.

Source: Metropolitan Police Service press release



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