Student moonlighted as a bank robber


POLICE have arrested a student from the University of the Balearic Islands who allegedly robbed banks in his spare time. Despite working in the hospitality industry, police believe since 2010, 23-year old Jorge has robbed nearly €24,000. Only Jorge’s mother and sister, whom he visited from time to time in Porto Colom and sent money to, knew of his ‘double-life.’

His first robbery in Merida in April last year was foiled and he was arrested but later released. In July, with his university exams behind him, Jorge allegedly robbed €14,448 from a bank in Sineu. In September he is accused of robbing €3,000 from a bank in Palma.


And on January 7 this year police say he tried to rob a bank in Inca but there was no money in the till so he calmly walked away with nothing.

His last hold up allegedly took place the following day at a bank in Palma from which he robbed €6,000 at gunpoint.

Guardia Civil and National Police had been on his trail, but while investigations were ongoing and in-between hold-ups, Jorge continued his life as normal.

He eluded the first attempts to arrest him in Palma when police spotted Jorge walking down a street near his Cala Major. Officers described Jorge as a ‘greyhound’ as he ran off, jumping over a five metre wall.

But two days later, last Friday, Jorge’s double-life finally came to an end when he was arrested by Guardia Civil in Porto Colom while visiting his mother.

He tried to escape in a van but was arrested together with his mother and sister.

His mother and sister were charged and later released on bail.

By Nicole Hallett



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