Left wing policies simply don’t work


TO those living in the UK the past few weeks must have seemed like a breath of spring. How easy to empathise with the Egyptians  emerging from years of dictatorial rule, with the recent directives from the British government finally beginning to unravel the oppressive  yolk of left wing dominance which all but destroyed our wonderful country.

Labour took over a thriving, vibrant proud nation and all but drove it into the ground. In its headlong, euphoric and utterly arrogant charge toward as much power as it could possibly glean, it managed to bribe batter and reduce the British public into a subservient race of people, prepared to put up with just about anything.


Left wing policies simply don’t work unless they can be utterly dictatorial. Their whole system is flawed. The reason being, the more left wing you become the more right wing you finish up. The communist countries are prime examples of this conclusion.

Trying to ‘nanny state’ and foist hoards of rules and regulations on the public can only attain success if it’s taken to it’s utterly brain washing extreme.  What the West’s left wingers in their arrogance always fail to understand, is that to relieve people of their responsibilities and consequently their ambitions and aspirations, actually goes against human nature altogether. Particularly the nature of the British bulldog.

Brussels is seething with these misinformed pompous left wing prats and the stand the British government took against them this week was not only completely justified but a real sign that at last we may be on the path of true recovery. For Strasburg to bleat that they ‘deeply disappointed’ by the defiance of one of Europe’s oldest democracies to not toe the European line is precisely the point.

It is because Britain is a true democracy; we must not pander to these petty dictators, who dish out rules and regulations like so much confetti from their lofty dysfunctional and unelected positions. And David Cameron was totally correct in his decision not to allow convicts the right to vote. I speak from first hand experience when I tell you that the most punishing aspect of incarceration is the removal of your rights as a law abiding citizen.

All the TV’s, gymnasiums and carpeted cells in the world cannot replace the tremendous sense of loss and often shame that prevails when your peers order you to be completely removed from normal society.

This is the true punishment, and indeed instils the ambition and craving to be released and once again be ‘accepted’ as soon as possible. (Never to return I may add!). Giving prisoners the vote would make them feel a part of the society they have lost the right to exist in, thereby completely destroying the most powerful deterrent of all. Keep up the good work Dave. The next move should be to get out of the EEC altogether.

With so much change taking place, even that doesn’t now appear beyond the realms of possibility.  

Keep the faith.      

Love Leapy     




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