€250k payout for deaths of three hikers


THREE men have been convicted by an Alicante Court for causing the death of three hikers who were run over by a long distance train. They were each fined €2,880 and will have to pay a total in excess of €250,000 in compensation to the victims’ families. The men convicted were the station master at the San Gabriel short-distance train station in Alicante, and the president and secretary of the Elche Hikers Union.

The train driver was acquitted.


The incident occurred in September 2002 when a group of 147 hikers were passing through the San Gabriel station. Due to a misunderstanding the hikers where led across the railway tracks as a train was passing through.

The people were run over by the train, killing a man, a 12-year old girl and her mother, as well as injuring several others.

During the trial the three convicted men accepted responsibility for their actions; however, no agreement was reached regarding liability.





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