Council blasted for parking meter delay


THE Velez Malaga Business Owners Association (ACEV) has accused the town hall of failing to keep promises regarding the introduction of parking meters in the town centre. For years, the association has been requesting that the more commercial streets in the area have ‘blue zones’ with parking meters, so that more people can visit the area throughout the day by car, instead of some parking in the same space all day.

The Commerce Councillor, Francisco Ruiz, has hit back at the association saying that they should “leave politics to the politicians” and stop making accusations.


He explained that the mayor, Salome Arroyo, promised to make the area a ‘blue zone’, but when steps were taken to go ahead with the project, it was founding that the former governing team had only approved the prices for the service.

The councillor said that municipal engineers had had to prove that the town hall owned the land in which the parking meters were to be installed and rewrite local traffic laws, because the previous law did not take residents living in the proposed areas into account.



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