Velez tram service negotiates new rates


THE company operating the Velez tram, Travelsa, has proposed that the town hall raise the price of the service by 57 cents to €2.25. This rise would guarantee that the service continues to exist, taking into account that the costs will rise when the second phase of the tram line opens, adding 1,200 metres more from Parque Jurado Lorca to the Explanada de la Estacion.

The town hall currently subsidizes each ticket with 38 cents, the difference between the price which users have to pay (€1.30) and the official tariff.


If the proposed rise is introduced, the town hall would subsidize 95 cents on each ticket.

On the other hand, Travelsa has asked that the town hall pay the company €90,000 of the €2m bill the council owes for public transport, so that they can pay staff and other expenses.



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