Pensioner convicted of firearm possession

Single action revolver

A PENSIONER yesterday (Tuesday, 15 February) pleaded guilty after illegal weapons were discovered hidden within his car scrap yard. James (‘Jimmy’) Allen, aged 78, of Clapham, South West London appeared at Inner London Crown Court where he admitted to the following offences:

= possession of a prohibited firearm (single shot revolver)


= possession of ammunition whilst a prohibited person

= possession of a firearm whilst a prohibited person (air rifle)

= possession of a prohibited weapon (stun gun)

He pleaded not guilty to the following two counts, which were ordered to lie on file:

= possession of a firearm whilst a prohibited person (single shot revolver)

= possession of ammunition without a firearms certificate

James "Jimmy" Allen
Allen is due for pre-sentence reports on 8 March.

He was arrested on 27 May 2010 when, acting on intelligence received, officers from the Central Task Force executed a firearms warrant at the scrap yard in Clapham.

Within a locked office at the venue officers discovered a ‘Titan Protector’ stun gun and a box containing a European American Armoury Corp single action revolver, as well as an amount of ammunition. Allen claimed the revolver was “…a cowboy gun. I bought it to hang on the wall.”

A further search also revealed an air rifle.

Allen said he was unaware of the firearms illegality, claiming to have purchased them with the sole intention of protecting himself and his business.

Detective Inspector Steve Ellen, of the Central Task Force, said:

“Allen was found in possession of dangerous weapons, which included a live firing revolver with ammunition. His guilty plea today was in the face of overwhelming evidence. The MPS is committed to removing these weapons from the streets of London.”

Source: Metropolitan Police Service press release


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