Container ship runs aground off Almayate


A CONTAINER SHIP ran aground in the early hours of Tuesday morning on the coast of Almayate, Velez Malaga. The 133-metre-long ‘K Wave’ container ship ran aground some 200 metres from the shore at the Playa de Madrid with 13 crew members on board and carrying 274 containers, due to storms at sea. The German ship had come from Algeciras and was heading to Valencia.

The Guardia Civil were alerted and a sea rescue helicopter was flown over the ship to check its condition.


Meanwhile, two lifeboats and a team of divers were taken out to the ship, which they report has no structural damage and is not letting in water.

Local residents visited the beach to get a look at the ship and the area remained under the surveillance of police and Guardia Civil. It was later hooked up to a tug boat to prevent it from tipping over or sinking into the seabed.



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