Beware of hoax e-mails


IN the past few days, many of us have received an e-mail about a girl who has been missing for “six days”. Her name is given as Jennifer Garcia Quintana, but this e-mail, like many others of the same type, is a hoax. The e-mail claims that the girl’s father is a colleague of “a friend”, working at Caja Madrid, but this man must have one of the most demanding jobs in the world, as depending on who has sent the e-mail, he works in a variety of different places around the globe, including Valladolid and Calpe.

The mail has the girl missing from Chile, Spain, Argentina and Mexico, and never gives the exact date of the alleged disappearance.


National Police has confirmed that neither the girl nor her father exist, and she is certainly not missing.

Who is behind this?

Fraudsters who want to obtain e-mail addresses for online scams such as ‘phishing’ and prey on people’s good will.

How can we avoid this?

When you receive an e-mail like this, take a minute to copy the name into Google Search, and you will almost always find hundreds of links confirming that it is a hoax. The same goes for e-mails about sick children needing an operation and animals.

What can I do about it?

If you do not have the time to do this and really feel the need to forward this to your contacts, at least protect their e-mail addresses by putting them in the BCC (Blind CC, or CCO if your system is in Spanish) line for recipients.

What are the real dangers?

The danger is that once your e-mail is out there, it gets sent on and on and can end up in the hands of others who will then use it to send you e-mails pretending to be from the bank, the tax office, Paypal, Ebay, and other bodies, in which they will request information which will allow them access to your bank account.

What this leads to

The problem is that when a real case of a missing child occurs, many people will pay no notice if they are sent an e-mail because they are so used to receiving scam mails.





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