Tremble the pyramids. The sphinx just winked at me


THE great American poet, Robert Frost, said it perfectly, “something there is that doesn’t love a wall”. A thought to be pondered. Curt, exact and totally philosophically spot on. So it is happening these days in Cairo. The TV just cannot be shut off. Such incredible live excitement. History happening for our eyes to absorb, in moments history is changing. Others will be reading about today in many tomorrow’s time.

Revolutions always seem right, sound right. (And, they don’t have to be politically correct). The oppressed finally surging to the forefront, shouting the changes and lifting high the banners. No thoughts are given to the banished leaders. They need to eat mud.


Yet, something seems too orchestrated about this riot. Too precise, just a little too exact, planned, scripted. “Ok, camera pan in on the crying children, quick, catch a close up of the bloody protester, the one with the bandaged head. Now back to the screaming mob”.

Oh, have you noticed all the signs in English? Let’s get really mad and scream at someone in Urdu, pig latin? Finnish? Of course, no one is going near the Suez canal, that sacrosanct money churner is off limits. Let’s not get carried away, this is just a mud variety revolution. Yes, whack out the gas pipeline to Israel, no one’s gonna notice that. “Now, everyone back in line, march orderly, no hand gestures to the cameras, just frequent laments of despair and contorted faces of agony. They’ll be a tea break at dusk”.

So much world news happening and the American’s not involved. It’s a damn scandal. Can’t we send over the Hell’s Angels to ride in the parade? So many ‘photo ops’ without our leaders; can’t be for real.

Yet Fox News relishes the moments of discontent and pledges more viewing of the yanks bemoaning those self proclaimed mantras, “freedom, justice and liberty”.

Please, no pictures of the pyramids, situationally unimportant. As usual, fifteen year old kids rule the scenes throwing rocks at evil enemies miles distant. No charismatic snake charmers within camera view. What the hell has happened to all the snakes?

Well, they are in the background, behind well guarded tightly closed doors drawing thick red lines on old maps and making secret pledges to each other. Building new walls of hatred, prejudice and plotting a systematic revenge for having had to wait to long to be recognized. Tremble the pyramids. The sphinx just winked at me.

I’m outta here. Think I’ll take a cruise up the Nile– without a paddle of course.

These are revolutionary times.

By Ric Polansky


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