Confession over the phone


NOT too many years ago we all managed perfectly well without mobile phones. Yet I remember proudly owning my first ever mobile the Orange Brick nearly 20 years ago, with so little fuss it made and received calls. Nowadays there are so many features or Apps (applications) available that I wouldn’t be surprised if one day the boffins release a new phone that does everything including the washing up but can’t make a call.

This season’s must have and the new ‘black’ is the mobile phone App. Particularly cringe-worthy is the new telly advert featuring the Tesco Family using their camera phones to oh-so-annoyingly zap items using their Tesco shopping App whilst going about their daily lives. Write a shopping list for goodness sakes. The Sunday Times recently published the top 500 Apps list. Watch out watch out there’s an App about!


Recently I saw the most cringe-worthy Halifax advert to date featuring two cashier girls as radio jocks. Well done to the Halifax as that’s even worse than Howard with his horn-rimmed glasses flying around singing inanely trying to get us to switch bank accounts. I bet people did switch accounts but the other way.

Remember J R Hartley wandering around book shops looking for the book Fly Fishing which it later turns out he wrote himself? Now with a modern twist Day V Lately unsuccessfully scours specialist record shops looking for a single he recorded in 1992 until his teenage daughter rescues him as her mobile just happens to have an App for… The Yellow Pages!

I am fascinated by television adverts and in the past have recorded some of my favourite ones. ‘Saddo’ goes the cry from some if not many readers. I admire the skill involved in making adverts as the challenge of grabbing the attention of the viewer and getting a message across in a few seconds is so difficult. I am sure lots of us have a favourite advert or two. Perhaps it’s the Guinness horses riding the surf, those Citroën cars transforming into giant robots, or maybe it’s a soft spot for an Andrex puppy, the real ones not those rubbish CGI ones they now use.

A thought provoking advert currently being aired is the Aviva one starring Paul Whitehouse, a family busily getting ready to go away on holiday whilst the father supposedly helps finding lost passports and swimming goggles until you realise that he is actually a ghost. The message is subtly delivered yet it is a really important subject as 60 per cent of UK families have no life assurance protection.

Sir Ridley Scott producer of movie blockbusters including Blade Runner, Gladiator, Thelma and Louise and Black Hawk Down was originally in advertising and worked on over 2700 commercials. In 1971 he directed a Maxwell House coffee advert using the actress Shakira. Michael Caine saw her on television and was so taken by her that he managed to trace her, they married and have been together ever since. I wonder what brand of coffee they drink now?

Still on the subject of coffee is a new Nescafe advert. University students with little or no culinary skills must be the target market as its promoting sachets containing an original recipe of coffee granules, milk powder and sugar! Everybody likes their coffee made a little differently hence it comes in jars and we have teaspoons. And finally for us Catholics with busy lives there is a handy App called Confession: Simply tick the box against the appropriate sin, read the handy Ten Commandments guide and make a note of the handy recommended phrases to confess to the priest later! God certainly moves in mysterious ways nowadays!



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