Gran Casino Madrid


The mighty online giant Pokerstars and their entourage, opened this years Estrellas Poker Tour, at the Gran Casino Madrid, which is the heart of the poker action here in Spain. Players travelled in from all over Europe to take part in the first of 6 legs this year, including one to be held on our own doorstep at Casino Torrequebrada, Benalmadena, between March 31st and April 3rd.

The trip up to Madrid included our own Marbella Mob founder Gary Collins and friends of the mob Neil(Terra Sana)Sweeting, Rudi(The Rock) Ostasofochovichagov, or something like that, and the dandy Sir Nigel(Governor of Benalmadena)Goldberg. Upon arrival at the Casino Sir Nigel was politely informed that he was wearing incorrect apparel for entry into the Gran Casino Madrid and should therefore return to his hotel and come back in something more appropriate.


The offending garment was a fleece with a hood, emblazoned with various badges of poker sponsors and having been purchased from the Full Tilt poker store for about $13,750, would normally be associated with being perfect attire for an event at a casino such as a POKER TOURNAMENT.

Now in normal circumstances, even feeling a little bit aggrieved, Sir Nigel would have returned to his hotel. But having caught pneumonia, pleurisy and diphtheria at the nearest hotel to the Casino where he stayed last time, he had chosen to book a different hotel across town and try to stay alive. So a rather fetching Jacket was produced to overcome the embarrassment.

Being of stout mind… and body, it was soon very clear that the new garment was in fact 3 sizes too small and obviously fashionable when used as the upper part of a demob suit. But in true style a gentleman never complains. Good evening, drive on Perkins.




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