Britons feel safest in Spain, poll shows


EXPATRIATES considering where to buy a property might want to take a closer look at Spain, after research has shown it is widely perceived as a safe country. British people give Spain an average safety rating of 9.8 out of ten. France was also seen as a secure place, scoring 9.5 in the survey.

Mexico was voted as the ‘least safe’ holiday destination.


This was revealed in a study conducted by online travel agent,, as part of ongoing research into Britons’ views on destinations around the world.

The results were collated to find the top 5 ‘safest’ and ‘unsafe’ destinations, based on the average score of how secure British tourists felt whilst there.

The results were as follows:

Top 5 where tourists felt the safest:

1. Spain – 9.8

2. France – 9.5

3. Cyprus – 9.4

4. New Zealand – 8.3

5. Denmark – 8


Top 5 where tourists felt the least safe:

1. Mexico – 1.8

2. South Africa – 2

3. Bulgaria – 2.5

4. Jamaica – 3.2

5. Dubai – 3.4




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