220 construction flaws at Palma arena


AN engineering ‘snagging’ report has detected more than 220 construction flaws in the Palma Arena velodrome facilities. The report highlights deficiencies in the housing, water treatment, electrical, acoustic, insulation and air conditioning systems. The engineers have reported water leaks, exposed electrical wiring, and a lack of fire extinguishers amongst other problems.

The report also states that much of the wiring of the electrical and acoustic insulation has no security, and has been improperly installed or defective.


Many of the appliances have not been installed correctly or have been damaged. Even the roof leaks as the waterproofing is inadequate, which is causing water damage to the velodrome track.

The report is not yet completed, and more problems may come to light.

The Palma Arena Management Consortium has said that they are evaluating the report and seeking solutions. Emergency remedial works have started to repair significant water damage and cracks to a roof beam on the first floor.

According to a statement from the Government, the building deficiencies “will be resolved without prejudice”.









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