‘Multiculturalism has failed’: Well of course it has


AT long, long last a British prime minister has had the courage to publicly state what most of us have been advocating and (quite disgracefully) having to whisper about for years. In a speech, that under the last disastrous bunch of piddling parliamentary traitors would have been enough to have him hung, drawn and accused of being a member of the BNP, Mr Cameron has at last done what a British prime minister should do. Stand up for the country he has been elected to lead.

Last weeks splendid oration contained so much toward the restoration of British pride – hope for the future and plain old common sense, that I am almost at a loss to find enough space to comment.


If Mr Cameron’s patriotic tree of equality, national identity and minimum tolerance of extremism, does indeed blossom and bear fruit, no longer will the enemies of the country, under the guise of ‘free speech,’ be able to preach or spout their hatred and poisonous rhetoric in the universities, prisons and public places.

No longer will those who encourage separatism and the establishing of their own culture and language, be allowed to flourish unchecked in the towns and cities. No longer will the reversed racism card be played, by individuals who revelled in the knowledge that under the last kowtowing mob their particular gripes would attain priority.

‘Multiculturalism has failed’. Well of course it has. And it is in no way the fault of the general British public. It has failed because the past government was far too insipid, weak and negative; so called leaders who should have clamped down years ago on a whole host of almost unbelievable liberties.

The failure and indeed blank refusal of many immigrants to even attempt to learn English. Refusal to raise the English flag over schools. The practice of only teaching pupils in a foreign language. The almost inconceivable convincement, that if they insulated their own societies and successfully segregated themselves long enough, the British government would actually allow the establishing of Sharia law in some areas. The list goes on and on.

Can my Dad and the millions of brave men and women who have fought for our proud British nation, finally rest peacefully? In Gods name I sincerely hope so.

Well done Mr Cameron. Despite the flack you are undoubtedly about to receive, remain strong and be rest assured that the majority of sensible thinking and truly patriotic public are firmly behind you.

As a final comment, did it not sum up all that is wrong with the attitude of many immigrants, when the two Muslim councillors of the most inappropriately named ‘respect’ party, refused to stand and applaud the war hero at the presentation ceremony of his medal for extreme bravery in Afghanistan? They are the true saboteurs of multiculturalism and the sooner they and their ilk are ousted by their more patriotic immigrant constituents, the better it will be for all of us.  

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy.                 


Photo Credit: Horrgakx


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