Do you Sunny Sundays?


IT’S great to see something positive in these days of ‘crisis’ and ‘recession’ and one cheery story is that of BARBORU, the brightly coloured Cafebar that opened in Calahonda last May and is going from strength to strength. Serving Breakfast from 8 am Monday to Friday and 9 am at the weekend, BARBORU has steadily become more popular with locals and holiday makers alike.  

We asked some of BARBORU’S customers why that was… a pattern soon emerged: the reason customers were returning to BARBORU time and again was because of the great value breakfast & lunch menu and also its fresh approach to customer service and cleanliness.



EWN spoke to BARBORU regulars David and Hazel, who live in Calahonda. They go to BARBORU four times a week, they told us. “The service at BARBORU is fantastic, prices are good and the quality is both excellent and consistent,” says David. “And the boss (Brian) is a character extraordinaire!” he adds.

Chef and owner Brian McDonnell was delighted to hear the positive comments and even more delighted that the EWN had come to checkout BARBORU themselves. Brian told us “We started the ‘Do You BARBORU?’ campaign  in the EWN last June and were amazed how it caught on… Now the name BARBORU  has a real connection for people and it’s great to be able to recognise so many of our regular customers coming back to have breakfast or lunch or just a coffee & cake with us”.

“We have made changes along the way and listened hard to what our customers want. As a direct result of this feedback we are really pleased to be able to announce that from this weekend BARBORU will be open for Sunday Lunch!’

“We have been asked many times to open for more than Breakfast on Sundays and we have decided that it would be wrong not to!”  So, from Sunday the 13th of February BARBORU will be open at 9am for breakfast and serving our normal lunch along with a traditional Sunday roast from 12 noon.

“As BARBORU  first opened  its  doors on May 13th 2010 it seems 13 is our lucky number!” jokes Dublin born Brian.  And the really good news is that the Sunday Roast will be a jaw-dropping €7.95.

When EWN asked how BARBORU can maintain such good quality at such great value prices, the answer was simple. They buy fresh food and cook it from scratch, resulting in lower costs which are passed on to their customers. “Customers notice every penny these days and we appreciate their choice to eat with us, so we want to give them the best we can”. For more details about BARBORU call in to Brian and the BARBORU team  in the Los Jarales Centro Commercial.

It is incredibly easy to access from the N340 as you drive from Fuengirola to Marbella. Just turn in at the huge Camping Los Jarales billboard and there you are! Green toldos heralding the BARBORU name will guide you to a menu that boasts the best value meals in town or check out the website or call on 652 334 813.




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