Spanish politicians call for nationwide burka ban


THE Partido Popular in Cataluña proposes to ask the central government in Madrid to impose a nationwide ban on wearing clothing, such as Burkas, that entirely cover the face and hinders identification. The proposal would exclude from the ban garments worn for religious reasons or the hoods worn in traditional fiestas and processions like those of Holy Week.

The PP wants national laws relating to gender violence and equality to specifically veto all-enveloping burkhas and niqab face-veils which “clearly criminalise women and discriminate against them.”


The party also called on its regional government, the Generalitat, to support town halls which have passed by-laws banning the use of face veils in the street and official buildings, and maintain conversations with the “more open and liberal” sectors of Cataluña’s Moslem community.

Lerida’s council was the first in Spain to regulate the use of burkas and face veils in public, an initiative that has been followed by others in Cataluña including Tarragona, Cunit, El Vendrell, Barcelona, Manresa and L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

Once registered, the parliamentary proposal signed by the 18 PP politicians who occupy seats in the regional parliament will be forwarded to the Welfare, Family and Immigration department.

An earlier application was rejected by the regional parliament during the previous legislation but following last November’s elections and the victory of the centre-right CiU party, the PP believes it now stands a better chance of success.

Last June Alicia Sanchez-Camacho, regional president of the PP, presented the same proposal to the Upper House in Madrid which voted 131 in favour and 129 against to ask the central government to impose a national ban.

Picture Credit: rytc


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