Pet Passport and Stronghold/Scalibor


The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) are the official government office controlling the movement of animals in and out of the UK. Many pet owners have experienced problems taking their pets into the UK under the passport scheme due to using the product Stronghold or Scalibor for the prevention of Ticks.

The tick treatment must be licensed for use against ticks and have a marketing authorization in the country of use – Please note some treatments may not be applicable to both cats and dogs (or ferrets) and this should be checked with your vet. A collar impregnated with Acaricide is not an acceptable form of treatment against ticks.


The treatment needs to be given not less than 24 hours and not more than 48 hours before the pet is checked in to travel to the UK to ensure that the tapeworm eggs are not shed in the UK.

This article is written in good faith, however I do recommend that before travel that you check out the facts with your vet.

Question: Will you confirm that it is good to give my dog bones?

Answer: I am afraid that I am unable to confirm that it is good to give your dog bones. Your vet will also confirm that this will cause teeth to be broken, and if your pet swallows a lump of bone, he may have to have an operation. I would suggest a Kong stuffed with treats, a platted twisted rope, stuffed in between with liver treats or a few pieces of dried food to make it interesting. I encourage dogs to chew, but it’s better that they chew what we want them to chew, eh?

Question: Is it better to feed my dog before his walk, or after his walk ?

Answer: Neither, it is better to feed either one hour before a walk or one hour after a walk. I prefer to feed one hour after a walk, now he has something to come home to.



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