First anorexia association in province to open in Benissa


THE first association against anorexia and bulimia (Bencab) in the Alicante Province will be launched this month in schools, institutes and health centers in Benissa. The aim is for the association to be a meeting point for families to find a foothold and where they can go for advice.

Elizabeth Jimenez Hidalgo (Eli), aged 29 – who has been fighting anorexia for 10 years – created Bencab with the backing of her father and the Health Department, led by Councillor Maria Llopis (PP).


The association is made up of 25 people and has attracted interest from residents of other neighboring municipalities that want to be part of it.

There have already been enquiries for information about this disease, which more and more young people are suffering from.

“We cannot cure the disease, but we can provide a meeting point for them to vent or to provide advice for the families of those with anorexia or bulimia,” explained Eli.

In regards to her own journey, Eli said: “It was long and hard, but you can get through it. I did it with the support of my family and friends who were by my side at all times.”

Eli is now four months pregnant and looking forward to a bright future, and hopes to be able to help others who are going through what she did.

By Nicole Hallett



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