Alleged rapist’ faces 53 years in jail


THE Murcia Public Prosecutor is seeking a 53-year jail term for a man accused of kidnapping, robbing and raping a girl. The incidents took place in May 2007, when the defendant E.Ch, of North African origin and accompanied by two men, approached the girl, who was in a phone booth in the village of Cañada de Gallego (Mazarron).

The three men “jumped her and beat her with the telephone handset”, then while she was “momentarily dazed they put her in their car,” according to the prosecution.


They took her to a beach in Mazarron where she was handcuffed and raped three times. At one point she tried to escape and was hit by the defendant. When they were done they took the girls belongings, including a mobile.

The trial took place yesterday, although at time of press the verdict was unknown.




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