Torrox tunnel speed cameras will be fully operational in March


TORROX – SPEED cameras installed in the Torrox tunnels on the AP-7 will come fully into operation in March and not February 1 as originally announced by Spanish highways agency DGT. Until then offenders will only receive warning letters.

After which, drivers exceeding the speed limit will be issued with fines of up to €600 – depending on how far over the 100kph speed limit they were driving – and face losing six points from their driving license.


Every vehicle that enters and exits the tunnels is photographed and time stamped so that the average speed can be calculated.

Changing lanes inside the tunnel is not a viable loophole to avoid detection because the lane cameras are interconnected, according to the DGT.

During the January test period 1,800 out of 100,000 drivers received warning letters for speeding.







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