Gooses and Ganders come to mind.


I KNEW it. Despite the fact I made it ‘perfectly clear’ that last weeks article was not a gay issue, in came the hate mail. Now I’m homophobic as well as Islamaphobic. Well I’ll tell you one phobic I definitely am and that is Idiophobic. To say that I have any problem with the gay fraternity is idiocy to the extreme. I’ve been I show business for over 50 years; I’ve had more fun and laughs with gay friends over that period than in many a ‘straight’ situation.

If any of my children turned out to be gay,  it would not bother me one iota; in fact it would probably bring a great diversity of characters into our home, some of whom I’m delighted to say are very close to our family circle already.

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The Godfather of one of my children is a long time, dear gay friend.  So all this bitchy barbing about homophobia is total rubbish.

The point of last week’s piece was a human rights issue. The irony to me in the boarding house, single/ double furore, was that the two men concerned were up in arms about being persecuted for their gender leanings, while at the same time persecuting others for their religious beliefs. Gooses and Ganders come to mind.

These two boarding house proprietors have as much right to practice their religious teaching, as these two men have to walk down the aisle.

Who better placed than this gay couple to know the difficulties and prejudices aimed against those who follow their hearts and principles? This whole unsavoury incident smells to me of some kind of nasty entrapment.

I think all four of ‘em should have sat down together and thrashed it out over tea and crumpets. How much more civilized, discussing their various points of view in that scenario than the cold distressing climes of a court of law?

Differences of this nature are always easier discussed and understood face to face, and who knows, perhaps they would all have finished up with a little more understanding of each others beliefs and motivation. That’s my opinion anyway.

But me, homophobic? Give us a break luvvies, I was cavorting in the gay communities before most of you were even delivered, let alone sexually orientated.      ’Course sexism issues have been extremely abundant this week, with the Gray/ Keys affair et al. I did wonder if the woman who announced she would rather sleep with her cats than a man could be nicked for sexism.

Apparently this lady sleeps with no less than 17 (Yep!) members of the feline populace. Who, she tells us, are ‘much more hygienic and easier to train than men’. Apparently (unlike us males) they ‘often smell of pond’ and occasionally place small dead rodents in her hair or down her pyjama’s (bless!)

The only duvet colour she can use is brown; it’s the one colour that doesn’t show up the hairs, (fleas?) Ugh!  The lady is to date, unmarried.  Really? You do surprise me.

Keep the Faith. 

Love Leapy



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