Army deployed into Egyptian cities


Friday has seen the biggest and most violent anti-government clashes so far in Egypt as tens of thousands protest against the rule of President Hosni Mubarak. Cairo, Alexander and Suez were placed under a curfew overnight as the government battled to restore order to the streets.

Mubarak is now facing his biggest challenge in 31 years of rule and has ordered the army onto the streets of Cairo. Large crowds have marched through cities and protests have become increasingly more angry and violent.


Meanwhile pro-democracy leader Mohamed El Baradei and his supporters were earlier attacked with water cannons and he has now been placed under house arrest.

Protestors have also set fire to police stations in Cairo and around 6000 protestors on the Nile Bridge were fired upon with tear gas at point blank range.

The internet and mobile phone network has also been shut down in some areas to try and stop protestors from communicating with each other.

Egypt’s interior minister earlier warned that they would take “decisive measures” against any anti-government protests.

Britain and the US have called for political reform in Egypt to try and stop the unrest. British Foreign Minister William Hague and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have urged the Egyptian presidency to consider change.

Picture Credit: Al Jazeera English



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