Europe’s most sophisticated cocaine lab busted in Madrid


NATIONAL POLICE in Madrid have dismantled what is thought to be the largest and most sophisticated cocaine lab in Europe. Twenty-five people of Spanish and Colombian nationality have been arrested for running the drugs lab at a property in the Madrid town of Villanueva de Perales.

Police seized more than 300 kilos of drugs ready for sale, 33 tonnes of chemical products, €2m in cash, luxury vehicles and 470 mobile phones. Assets have been seized worth €50m.



Amongst the detainees is a well-known Madrid businessman who owns several clubs, restaurants and gyms where he allegedly distributed the drugs. He was assisted by two brothers who own a garage in Paracuellos del Jarama, while another two brothers who are in charge of a legal firm in Madrid were allegedly in charge of laundering the money made from the drugs sales.

The operation, codenamed Colapso, began last December but the investigation was launched almost two years ago.




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