A tale of two dogs


THIS week the K9 Club Animal Welfare volunteers were called out to rescue two young dogs. The first one has been named Lunes as he was found on Monday. He was found wandering along the middle of a busy main road (photo attached). He was lucky, probably abandoned the same day and was rescued before being involved in a collision with a vehicle or disappearing into the fields.

Lunes is a Pointer cross, around nine months old and is a very friendly dog. He is in good health and is now safe in one of the private kennels used by the K9 Club whilst they look for a new owner for him.


The second dog found is young German Shepherd cross dog around two years old. He was found in a field on the outskirts of an urbanisation, totally emaciated and he had open sores all over his body. He could hardly walk and when picked up to be placed in the animal rescue vehicle he winced and cried in pain.

After an examination by the vet it was determined that he was afflicted with the disease Leishmania and the disease was in an advanced stage. He had no hope of recovery. The decision was made to put him to sleep to release him from his suffering.

This is a message to all those people that abandon a dog in the belief that someone will rescue it and care for it. The reality is that most abandoned dogs do not get rescued. They wander off into fields, onto roads, or fall into a canal.

Some are killed on the roads or are badly injured by vehicles and after scrambling off into the fields they succumb to a lingering death. Others contract terrible diseases and without proper treatment they too die after a prolonged period of suffering, starving and alone.

Unfortunately the second dog mentioned in this article was one of them. He must have spent many weeks, possibly months, alone in the fields; by the time he was seen and rescued it was too late to save him.

For information on how to protect a dog from diseases in the Mediterranean region, or to advertise a dog for adoption, people should visit the web site Petsinspain.info.

By Mark Lewis


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