Squatters are trespassers, pure and simple


When are the authorities going to tidy up  laws that allow sponging  layabouts  to take over and ultimately trash other peoples property? The so called ‘squatters rights’ really are the most ludicrously misguided and confused set of ‘rights’ and wrongs imaginable. In the first instance, there are in fact no such things as ‘squatter’s rights’. If you choose to occupy a property that can be proved belongs to another, you are trespassing, pure and simple.

Unfortunately, the act of ‘squatting’ is civil and not criminal, so forcible eviction can only be done on the orders of the court. Owners firstly have to prove they are in fact the true proprietors. This can lead to expensive legal fees and, (if the money milking lawyer extortion brigade can swing it), often finds innocent owners having to make numerous court appearances before matters are finally resolved.


When they eventually do get their own property back, the expense of making good the damage left by these people can, not only be bank breaking, but heartbreaking as well.

I mean where do you draw the line? The way things are, you could quite easily pop out to the shop and return to find your home boarded up and over run by whole droves of these people,  and not be legally, (don’t try it in my home mind!) able to do anything about it. Give me a break! 

The mainly lawyer inspired, complicated interpretations of this archaic law can be settled in one fell swoop. Make it a criminal offence. End of story. Owner or lease holder produces deeds or rental agreement to the police, occupiers are trespassing. Out. By whatever means necessary. For many of these individuals that could be quite a result, after all they could be tucked up safely in a cosy prison squat by nightfall. 

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I will now however, before the ‘do gooders’ brigade start screaming; add a postscript to this blurb. I do not agree with properties being left empty by unscrupulous owners, merely as investments.

In this day and age this practice is nothing less than obscene.

There are already unacceptable numbers of homeless in the UK alone. I believe that dwellings left empty and not visually on the market should, after a reasonable length of time, be legally repossessed and either sold for charity or turned into habitation for those less fortunate.

Ya see I do know that some squatters are decent people who have simply fallen on hard times; I’m not that right wing. But owners must be protected. Criminalising the act is the most straightforward and fair way of ensuring the rights of law abiding citizens are recognised and upheld. I thought with ‘Dave and Nick’ that was supposed to be fashionable again? Don’t let us down lads. A bit less ‘watering down’ and a touch more ‘thickening up’ wouldn’t come amiss, if you get my drift.   Have a good week. Many, many happy returns to my beautiful daughter Loretta. And, hopefully, many happy returns to you all next week. 

Keep the faith                                                                                                                                                                                         Love Leapy




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