Reflections for 2010


IN a year that has pretty much seen the poker world here in Spain turned upside down, it’s time to reflect, re-assess and make plans for the New Year ahead. With the advent of the Casinos being granted licences to play cash poker here in Andalucia, with Full Tilt and Pokerstars the two largest online poker rooms in the world announcing tournament series just for the Spanish market, changes were bound to happen in the way players decided to spend their hard earned cash.

And boy is it hard to earn money at the moment with the severe decline in the economy here.


At the same time, issues with regard to the legality of dedicated private poker clubs here were soon to rear their ugly heads and police raids were soon to follow.

All in all three clubs were raided in high profile swoops and headlines like ‘Clandestine casino raided in Malaga’ made the news.

Whether we believe that small feeder clubs are a necessity in the poker world or not, the fact is that there is no legislation in place to allow organised games to take place anywhere other than in the casinos.

The casinos have been providing poker its true, but the cost to play is prohibitive to the majority of recreational players so we hope next year brings about some compromise as various associations are being set up to fight the cause for beginner and low level poker games to be able to take place.

For the more serious players amongst us, there are plenty of opportunities to win thousands if not tens of thousands now and the Marbella Mob are working closely with casino Marbella to promote new and exciting games for the year to come.

So a very Happy and prosperous New Year to you all.

Buena suerte!



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