Now then, where were we?


OH, by the way, A happy New Year everyone. Frankly, as last year was probably one of my worst, the one looming ahead can only be an improvement (don’t push it Leapy!) Anyway, I’m sure you’ve all been having sleepless nights wondering what happened to Dave.

Dave you may recall was my hung-over guitarist who, on gazing out the window of his Warsaw hotel room, had  observed to his dismay and disbelief, that,  although it were the August of 1967, the whole street was covered in snow and festooned with Nazi flags? Ah well perhaps not.


Anyway, I ended the piece, by telling you his disbelieving ears had also picked up the distant sound of rumbling machinery accompanied by the unmistakable rhythmic crash of marching feet.  Read on.

Louder and louder grew the ever increasing noises of an army on the march. Now visibly shaking, with the belief that he had completely taken leave of his senses (were it in more modern times ‘Back to the Future’ may have come to mind!) Dave gazed toward the end of the street where the noise level was rising by the second.

What happened next literally rooted him to the spot. Around the corner, banging and belching thick exhaust smoke lumbered a large, swastika emblazoned World War II tank. Closely behind, in fully uniformed goose stepping glory, hove a complete German Panzer division. In total disbelief Dave watched them march nearer and nearer; the immaculately dressed tank commander standing stiffly erect from the conning tower of his clanking machine.

Now, almost at panic level, our hero could only gaze down helplessly as the tank drew level with his window.

Just a minute…..

Didn’t the ‘Commander’ look somehow familiar?

He strained to get a closer look.

Oh no. It couldn’t be. Could it?

Oh yes it was.

With a mixture of incredulous disbelief, and not a small amount of relief, it slowly dawned on our hung-over hero that the officer rising imposingly from the conning tower was none other than actor Peter OToole!

Yep, you’ve guessed it. Unknown to our friend, the whole street had been taken over by the film crew engaged in the production of the Second World War epic, ‘The Night of the Generals’.

I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you to hear that Dave didn’t take another drink that whole trip.

If you ever get to see a rerun of that great movie, look very carefully as the camera pans around that particular scene. You may just get a glimpse of a small, bushy haired individual, framed in one of the windows overlooking the street. That my friends is Dave. A young man, at that point hovering on the verge of a total, gibbering nervous breakdown – and he didn’t even get a fee as an extra. Ah well, altogether now. ‘There’s no business like show business’…………..

Hang in there.

Have a great new year.

And whatever ya do.

Always keep the faith.

Love Leapy



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