Stinky dog


DOGGY smells can be quite off-putting and exasperated during the winter when pets tend to stay indoors more. Although scented candles and sprays can help mask these smells, it is best to tackle the underlying causes. Wash dog bedding once a week on cold and be careful when adding fabric softeners as they can irritate a dog’s skin.

Vacuum often and shampoo the carpets and/or rugs at least every two months. Give the dog frequent baths with specially formulated dog shampoo and be sure to rinse thoroughly.


Once he has shaken the water off use a dog drier, or human drier on a cool setting, or towel-dry him thoroughly. This step is very important as bacteria, which can cause odour, love wet animal fur. The temporary wet dog smell is worth the persistent unwashed stench.

Just as humans can smell differently depending on what we eat, so do dogs, so ensure he is on a good, healthy diet.

There are specially formulated foods for different types of dogs, or check with the vet what food your pooch should be on.

Brush his teeth frequently using a specially designed dog toothbrush and specially formulated toothpaste.

For an extra pleasant smell there are mildly scented doggie colognes that can be spritzed on pooch’s coat, although most dogs dislike them and tend to shy away when approached with cologne in hand.



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