Cat’s whiskers


FELINE’S whiskers are used for navigation, measuring an opening and indicating mood. Flattened back against the cheek usually means a cat is frightened or anxious. If fanned forward, this signals interest or curiosity. When neutrally set, a cat is relaxed. Whiskers help a cat ‘feel’ his way around and are so sensitive that even the slightest directional change in a breeze can be felt.

They are particularly useful at night to help them not bump into things. The whiskers are roughly the same width, or a bit longer, than the widest part of his body and the tips are sensitive to pressure.


A cat will often stick his head in and out of an opening to see if he will fit before stepping through.

When grooming a cat, be careful not to damage these sensitive sensors. Doing so can hurt your cat and hamper her ability to acclimate and communicate.



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