Kids of our so called democratic nations have it all


I THINK the oft uttered phrase ‘these days children are ruined,’ was permanently carved in stone by last weeks abominable scenes of ‘student’ riot and mayhem. I won’t go on about it; the subject has been more than adequately covered. All I do hope is that when the dust settles and many of the worst offenders identified, we see the strongest possible sentences handed out.

Prison must be high on the agenda for a number of these young animals, but don’t hold yer breath!


Is it not ironic that, under the firm threat of being arrested and heavily punished, we can no longer peacefully stand up and voice our opinions in a public, or even private place – but you can run riot on the streets, scream abuse, destroy property and get off either scot free or with a light wrist slap?

This hooligan element must be taught that violent behaviour will be met with the strongest retribution. Let’s give our beleaguered police force at least a smidgen of satisfaction against these spoiled brats. Young thugs, that police are often frightened to retaliate against, lest they lay themselves open to criminal charges themselves.

The kids of our so called democratic nations really do have it all – and still want more. You only have to take a peek at a bit of ‘Santa Mail’ to realise that. Outrageously overpriced, computerized lumps of ever changing technology continuously flood the market with ‘upgrades’ and ever shrinking gismos.

‘Toys,’ that are simply discarded onto the junk heap by their young recipients the second a more ‘in’ piece of equipment becomes available. Of course, not all of it is their fault. My little ones for example, have no idea that the whole operation is a money churning exercises for the moguls of greed. All they see is a ‘must have’ new addition to their collection.

What sort of a message are we sending out to our young I ask myself? Well I’ll tell you. The sort of message that leads to them considering it their God given right to riot and run rampage whenever they feel themselves deprived, that’s what. For heaven’s sake get a grip Dave. A good way to start would be to sack that buffoon Kenneth Clarke, his warped sense of Jurassic values can most certainly be done without in these troubled times.

When I was a young lad, for some years my presents arrived from Santa stuffed in an old sock, the base of which contained an apple, an orange, a sweet and a penny.

On a few occasions my main present would be a wooden lorry or fire engine carved by the German prisoners of war in a nearby prison camp. And do ya know something? I bet I had more fun out of those offerings, than all their gismos put together. Dad wasn’t present at the time; he was in North Africa, fighting for the future of my democratic rights. If he’d witnessed the outcome of his endeavours this past week, he’d probably have wondered why he ever bothered.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy.



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