Waking the dead


CHRISTENED Stephen, not Steve, nor Stevie not even Ste as I was called recently by email, when introducing myself to strangers they often reply ‘hi Steve.’ Depending on my mood I either let it go or say politely back ‘it’s Stephen.’ No doubt other people with longer names can also relate to this.

Rosemary becomes Rosie, Andrew becomes Andy, Richard becomes Rich and John becomes well John. If someone prefers a shortened name they will normally introduce themselves with it. Mark my best friend of many years steadfastly refuses to call me anything other than Steve; his girlfriend though knows I prefer Stephen?!? The other day I dropped a clanger as I introduced myself to a new client

‘Hi I’m Stephen.’


‘Hi Steve,’ came the reply.

‘No its Stephen’ (that will put him right.)

‘Yes Steve’ he said.

‘No Stephen’ I said wearily one last time until a little light bulb popped on in my head and I said ‘Oh…… your name is Steve.’ DOH!

Living near the pretty village of Lubrin it’s only recently that I have discovered what great eateries there are in the village, La Tasca has excellent tapas (try the quails egg with ham) and the added bonus for petrol heads is that it’s a pit stop for the test drivers using my fabulous driving road the A1101.

Beautiful cars can be spotted but the other day I reckon the driver of the Skoda had been very naughty indeed as parked next to it was his colleagues car, €100,000 worth of gleaming Audi 8.

There is also El Molino, A beautifully reformed building in the heart of the village which resembles a classy museum as it’s full of artefacts. Great value tapas and main meals if you can concentrate long enough on the menu instead of looking at all the interesting stuff displayed all about.

Whether or not people believe in man made global warming the weather gets more unpredictable and variable.

After us all freezing our socks off for weeks suddenly it was warm and balmy and the stove did not get lit for days.

Winter skies are fabulous with some great cloud displays. The sky seems so much larger in Spain possibly because the landscape seems to dominate instead of bricks and mortar and the mountains give a higher perspective. Whatever the reason is, take a look up at the sky once in a while and enjoy a free and ever changing piece of art.

A few weeks ago a regular reader gave me an important mission. That was to find out just why there are always seemingly hundreds of cars parked at J. Cano Transport Company in Antas. It is like an airport long stay car park and I too was intrigued so after speaking with an ex employee I finally can reveal the answer. They belong to the drivers of their fleet of over150 juggernauts. Next mission please.

Waking the dead, one letter away from being the most controversial show on telly!





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