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MOST of the people that ask me what they need to do to become a better player or a more frequent winning player, are the ones that enjoy the game. They also have an idea of what a good hand constitutes and play THEIR own cards against the flop, turn and river as they emerge to form the community cards for all to use.

I emphasize THEIR cards here as what I see every time I play against the majority of recreational players, those just out for a fun game, a night out instead of going to the cinema or the pub for a quiz or a karaoke evening, just play their own cards and don’t play the other player or players in the pot with them.


What I am saying here is there is more than one way to skin a cat.

You need to introduce a few other elements into your game in order to try and become a better player, because we don’t always get dealt good cards.

More importantly, when we do get them, they are not always guaranteed to win, so we need to learn a few moves to compensate for the variance.

Texas hold-em is in fact a game of miss, what I mean is that when we play hands we miss the flop more often that we hit it.

So really the best place to be in terms of gathering information is the last person to act. You hear the professionals saying, “Yes I had Ace-Queen but I was out of position so folded.”

When we say we are in position, it means we act last so we can judge if anyone else has made a hand or missed the flop and that gives us an opportunity to make a bet, or bluff even if we have missed as well.

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