Long time for the world to forgive Britain’s past


ENGLAND losing their world cup bid last week didn’t surprise me one iota. When are we Brits going to get it into our heads that half of the world is eaten by jealousy and the other half simply doesn’t like us?

Whereas those who are jealous can go forth and multiply, many who harbour their dislike, and even hatred, may actually have a point. Quite frankly, our record over the last couple of hundred years is not exactly that of the rose smelling variety.



To many nations, England is an arrogant bully that has pillaged, occupied and robbed other civilisations for centuries. Even with our military power almost terminal, we still endeavoured to continue our disgraceful track record by joining with the Americans in the rape of Iraq.

With our depleted military, and reputation now in tatters, the rest of the world has, almost understandably, decided the time has come to extract its revenge. When you list the voters in the Eurovision song contest or members of the World cup committee, it really does reads like an historical record of our past victims or adversaries.  At sometime or another we’ve upset just about all of them.

It will take a long, long time for the world to forgive Britain’s dubious past, and will most certainly take a great deal more of our foreign aid, ‘conscience money’ than we can possibly afford.

What we must not do is feel sorry for ourselves. The pathetic whinging of those involved in last weeks failed cup attempt made me want to puke. They reminded me of some of the insipid bunch of pouting youngsters voted off of the X Factor. For God’s sake get a grip. So what if Russia did resort to some form of skulduggery? So what if there was a subversive plot to exclude us from the result? Pick up, dust off and get back on track. Show the rest of the world we couldn’t give monkeys for their petty rivalries and corrupt officials. Don’t get mad, get even.

We’ve a great wedding coming up – a PR coup that most would give their eye teeth for. The Olympics are looming larger by the day. The economy appears to be on the mend and Wagner has been booted off the X Factor. I mean what more can we ask? I suggest we put on our own national football cup competition.   Call it the Galaxy cup. Make it a competition to end all competitions. Offer rewards so generous, teams of the world will not be able to resist the challenge. Put it together the year before the other lot and make it so lavish and well organised any efforts by the rest of ‘em will pale by comparison. Come on England, where’s that old bulldog spirit? I also suggest a national ‘finger’ day. At a designated moment the whole country sticks its middle digit in the air. Wouldn’t that be some picture? The right message sent out at last.

Have a good week.

And whatever ya do.

Always keep the faith.

Love Leapy   leapylee.co.uk.



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