Legal poker on the Costa del Sol


CLOSING down the poker clubs here on the Costa del Sol seems to be norm at the moment and I read this week that a bar in the Benalmadena area was closed because they were playing afternoon BINGO. This was apparently a game that had been going for six years and filled up the afternoon for a great number of ex pats who paid 50 cents for a book.

Hardly a group of hardened criminals and likewise every recreational young and old poker player sitting around a poker table, paying €10 or €15 for a fun game are never going to undermine the economy and bring down the government.


The issue is the Junta (the regional government) is acting on behalf of the Casinos who have had to pay for gambling licenses and therefore believe that as they are the only legal entity allowed to hold poker, that they have the monopoly.

OK, unfortunately it appears at the moment they do but this is not right for the development of a game that will inevitably create a huge income for the government in the future.

In truth, monopolies are frowned upon as they are open to abuse and in European Courts there are always issues as to giving freedom of human rights so people have choice.

The Casinos have indeed paid money for the right to hold poker games, but who says we can’t pay some money too and have small games.

If the Casino wants it all for themselves then they also have a duty, an obligation to provide poker for the masses and not just the elite who can afford €250 and upwards for a game. Where is the next group of poker players coming from if they are not able to learn the game at low cost?



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