Vacationers prefer to party late, get up late and bask on beaches


THIS week’s blurb is emanating from the balmy climes of Tenerife. Frankly if the work won’t come to Leapy , Leapy must go to the work. Mind you, even as they bask in the warmth of these islands, the locals are still feeling the pinch of recession. The difference between here and Mallorca however, is that although business is down, it’s not out.

Mallorca has completely given up the ghost. The last person to leave put out the lights and that was that. To my mind the Balearics need a complete rethink. Greedy landlords, ‘all inclusive’ hotels, unacceptable price hikes – the complete misconception that going ‘up market’ will solve their problems, plus the oft corrupt local government and inept tourist board, doesn’t help either.


I have been a resident of the beautiful Balearic Islands for nearly 30 years and it saddens me to see how-with one or two notable exceptions – a succession of tourist- unfriendly, out of touch, infighting and ‘old pals act’ officials, have driven the hopes and aspirations of many of the working population into the ground. Pandering to the minority is another area where acts need to be got together.


The person, who is daft enough to buy a residence in a ‘holiday area’ and then complain of the noise, should be told in no uncertain terms that the noise they hear is the very sound of the local’s life blood. Not result in the police subsequently imposing noise limiters, which can be so severe they can reduce the output of volume to that of lift musak.

A move I may add, that often leads to the demise of musical fun premises all together. Those, whose idea of a holiday is to go to bed at 9.30pm and rise for a brisk walk at six the following morning, are also in the minority and should be advised to seek accommodation in more residential areas.

The main bulk of vacationers – and therefore the biggest sources of revenue, prefer to party late, get up late and bask on the beaches and around the pools in the afternoons.

These are the people who need pandering to. It’s all a question of priorities, which I’m afraid; to date the authorities have got in utterly the wrong order. And take care. These attitudes are not only restricted to the Balearics.

Other areas of Spain are beginning to follow suit. If lessons are not learned, this recipe for disaster will leave the whole country starved of its main income, with olive picking and almond nut production, once again providing attractive occupations for the nation’s children to embark on. Cuidado.

Received a particularly vitriolic e mail from a Mr P this week. He even began by calling my name ridiculous! Don’t you think I know that Mr P?  How’d you like to be saddled with a moniker like that? The rest of the letter was twaddle as well.

Have a good week.

Think of me tanning in the Tenerife sunshine!

And whatever ya do.

Always keep the faith.

Love Leapy 


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