Daylight robbery


A RECENT visit to the UK almost never came to fruition as I had carefully packed everything at the last minute as is my want and sat down late at night for a well deserved post packing drink. From the other end of the sofa came the dreaded words ‘What about your passport?’ ‘DOH!’ I attempted what long suffering women out there know as a Man Look until being rescued and shown the passport was exactly where I had been told it was.

Almeria airport seems to enlarge and improve every time I visit; just a pity that fewer and fewer flights can get us to and from the UK. Thank goodness for the EasyJet Almeria – Gatwick flight nicknamed the redeye after the bleary eyed passengers flying back to Almeria on the first winter flight each day from Gatwick at sparrows fart. Security is usually friendly at Almeria which contrasts with the ritual humiliation dished out at Gatwick, belts off, shoes off, trouser waists felt, and then a nice rub down from a surly security guard. Fear begets fear and enables politicians to tell us what a great job they are doing protecting us from a mostly imagined and invisible foe.


Breaking news as I type is a potential terrorist in the US was arrested by the same detectives that sold the fake explosives to him in the first place. Better than 24!

Men often get obsessive about looking for cheap fuel for the car. Petrols journey to the pump involves oil being discovered in a remote sea, drilled out at great risk, transported and refined then delivered to the forecourt after being taxed heavily, and all this for €1.20 a litre.

Compare that to €3.58 for a litre of mineral water that basically falls out of the sky, soaks into the ground, and then gets put in a bottle when it springs to the surface again. Bloomin daylight robbery and available at all good airports. To compound the sense of thievery as I sat on the plane I realised in my grumpy state I had left the bottle in the departure lounge, double ‘DOH!’

The UK has been praised in the press recently for staying out of the Euro as Euro zone countries get bailed out to the tune of billions. Ireland however still got a big fat £7,000,000,000 bailout cheque from the UK. About the same amount that has been slashed from the Social Security budget so as less advantaged British people suffer at least they can take solace knowing the money has been sent to a country that has been slyly taking UK jobs for years. Irelands’ ludicrously low corporation tax lures UK and foreign companies to take advantage of making higher profits. Nice work if you can get it. Celtic Tiger? Celtic Mickey Taker more like.

Its always rewarding when I realise people do actually take the time to read what I write. Recently I wrote about property in remote locations and how I love the excitement of finding them. An email popped into my inbox from a lovely couple who after I met them last week told me that after reading my article they had turned to each other and said ‘that’s the man to sell our house!’ The word remote was obviously invented to describe their stunningly beautiful renovated cortijo. Set in the Los Velez Maria Natural Park with 80 acres of rolling farmland and surrounded by pine forested mountains their home is truly remote with the nearest shops about a 30 minute drive away. Ideal for anyone looking for self sufficiency, complete with solar power and a natural spring for water. Strangely one estate agent describes the property in their blurb as being ‘close to Maria!’ My arse, only in a helicopter!



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