Utter capitulation by the lily livered British government


ONCE again, this week we witnessed an utter capitulation by the lily-livered British government. If we weren’t already a laughing stock, then the recent decision to award undisclosed millions in ‘compensation’ to a bunch of toe rags, almost certainly involved in terrorist activities, must surely make us the undisputed court jesters of the whole planet.

It’s the limp wrist excuse our esteemed leaders put forward that gets to me. ‘It was cheaper than going through the whole court procedure’ they simper.


I can give ‘em one good solution to that particular dilemma. Change the damn procedure. The PC and ‘Uman rights excreta heap, that was allowed to ferment during the tenure of the previous bunch of incompetent traitors, simply has to go.

The whole brain numbing, web of patronizing rules, that have led thousands of the legal profession to require treatment for the ‘raw palm syndrome,’ caused by too much rubbing, must be completely scrapped and replaced by fresh, utterly straightforward procedures that can be understood by anyone with a reasonable intelligence.

As for this recent low life mob of infidel haters, if they had not embarked on the course they chose, they would not have been arrested in the first place.

Let ‘em think them-selves lucky to be free men, no doubt still supported financially by the very people and country they would presumably like to destroy.

If they had committed the same acts of treason against the regimes they appear to prefer, they, and probably their whole families, would have completely disappeared by now. Give ‘em nothing. If they don’t get a job within a reasonable span of time, cut their allowances to zero. With a bit of luck, perhaps they’ll all emigrate to the areas of the planet they seem to admire so much. But don’t hold yer breath!

All these ‘adopt a bear -gorilla – cheetah – leopard’ ads of late gotta make ya laugh. The bears will drop you a line and even send photo’s ya know! (And probably even fly in for a visit during the summer hols!) They actually introduced one ad that invited you to ‘adopt a granny’.

That particular invitation did however disappear quite quickly. It all smells of a scam to me. However I do propose a new idea that is most certainly legit. It’s called ‘adopt an old pop singer.’ For just a fiver a week your chosen recipient (hi ya folks!) will send you a length of a guitar string (used on Top of the Pops, honest.) a mounted piece of rubber from the tires of the groups transit van and a small framed piece of the original soiled underpants worn when the judge uttered to him the immortal words, ‘take him down’. Will your chosen hero be sending future columns from his luxury new abode in the Bahamas? Somehow I doubt it. Mind you, if I were a Chimpanzee or a Cheetah……….

Have a good week. And whatever ya do.

Always keep the faith.

Love Leapy.   leapylee.co.uk.



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