Expatriate businesses hit by a spate of robberies


LA NUCIA store Labels and Tables store in La Nucia was broken into for the second time in a fortnight last week. John Reeves, the owner had installed CCTV cameras some time ago and it appeared from the footage that the latest burglars were the same as had committed the first break in. The footage was time and date stamped. The offenders car was fairly recognisable, John says.

The footage showed a Local Police car drift by twice “on patrol” and blissfully unaware of the plate glass entrance door being half missing – half smashed in.


The Guardia office in La Nucia itself was “closed for the night” and so the Guardia from Altea turned up.

When Mr Reeves put it to the Guardia that with his time stamped footage the Guardia could get the details of the car from the Local Police “High Tech” HQ just two roundabouts away( La Nucia have CCTV cameras on every roundabout just for this eventuality) and which bristles with screens and number plate recognition technology, he was told… “well no.”

He would have to put in a formal complaint in Altea to the Guardia office there, before the Guardia could talk to the police just four 400 metres from his shop.

Mr Reeves says he was somewhat disappointed with the response, and at a loss as to what he saw as the abject failure of the Guardia to take any steps to assist. “It was if they didn’t care,” he said.

Meanwhile, over the road from Mr Reeves two more shops were broken into at the same time. Both foreign-owned.

In neighbouring Albir there has been a spate of street robberies involving expatriate pensioners.

Last week an ex-Met policeman in his 60s, Roy Gogh, was robbed by three east Europeans in their 20s, whilst shopping in a Chinese-owned bazaar in the town.

He knew he was being jostled in order to rob him. He called out that he was being robbed, but no one came to help.

He could do nothing against three men.

One local expatriate living in the Costa Blanca told EWN “This is just one of many depressing stories along the same theme here on the Costa Blanca, and particularly around Benidorm, where such assaults are rife and where criminals seem to act with impunity in the face of what many see as blatant police indifference.”

“Perhaps if the powers that be saw this crime wave impinging on hotel occupancy statistics and back pockets, more might be done to convince the largely retired and vulnerable expatriate community that the Spanish authorities actually cared about their welfare and not just their spending power,” he said.



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